The sculptural ability of a blade of light, direct or reflected, returns a multitude of cracks and deep shadow cuts on the surfaces that it touches and makes the innate heaviness and angularity light and soft.

This is certainly the beacon that indicates which path to take to achieve the artistic balance sought in AIVIL PROGETTI products.

Everything originates from the simple aesthetic pleasure that only art in general and sculpture in particular are able to give to the attentive observer. Naturally, a thematic focus was then reached which ultimately resulted in a clearly recognizable production-planning logic that deeply binds all of our production.

Tangible and cyclical is therefore the use of materials, their association, the relative mechanical and surface processes that sometimes seem to radically change their essence but which in reality enhance their real essence: marble, metal, plexiglass, so different from each other. yet very similar, one used to “light up” the nature of the other without ever overwhelming the sense of the other … and then conveying on them the luminous fluxes that ultimately merge together in a single harmonious play of presences and shortcomings, of full and empty, of light and dark, of reflections and distant projections.

All this derives from a careful, passionate and long design phase and from the constant and profound study of the prototype, to which it is continually added and subtracted, until it is the work itself that seems to escape and does not accept further manipulations, considering itself truly complete. .

Every single detail that makes up each product derives from processes of a modern and organized industry but for many traits still nostalgic and, before being assembled, is worked by expert craftsmen who have their roots in the best traditions of MADE IN ITALY and who strongly think to be able to represent its true soul in the world.

This too wants to be the intent of AIVIL PROGETTI, associated with the pleasure of always being able to supply products in which uniqueness is the identifying mark: the single slab of marble, with its natural and identifying veins and with its porosity that never subsides but , indeed, always exalted or even the metal, with its more or less evident imperfections but never annoying or inopportune that only a non-serial processing can return, therefore they become never reproducible.

In this way, each individual work adopts a communicative language of its own and each, even if potentially similar to another, uses an individual vocabulary with which it communicates with the interlocutor.

AIVIL PROGETTI aims to satisfy the customer both at the time of choosing the work as such and at the time of its positioning in the destination environment where one must never “turn off” the light of the other but together they must collaborate to offer a corner of pure beauty and visual serenity.

... new products, new aesthetic solutions, new forms of communication ...